Entertainment complex on the shores of Lake

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Project Desription:


Our assignment was to develop a project for the entertainment center located on the shore of the lake. The center will include hotel, restaurants and a spa salon, which we decided not to combine in one building.


For the visitor convenience, we connected buildings of the center with covered walkways. If you like to relax on the fresh air, the complex offers open terraces, a convenient access to the lake with a pier, where you can admire the water surface and enjoy the soothing sound of the waves.

Since the complex is located on the lake, mostly the soft and rounded shapes were used in the design to fit the concept. The route of the paths follows the shape of the coastline. Modern house architecture has perfectly blended into the natural landscape. The interior design of the center is well-thought-out right down to the smallest detail, making your stay the most pleasant and unforgettable.

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