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Our assignment was to develop a house plan with indoor pool. The house was supposed to be built on the lake and the customer wanted to have as many water views as possible.


According to the plan, the rear facade of the house supposed to face the lake, so the choice of location depended on this criteria. The indoor pool had to locate on the lower level of the building. An amazing lake view opens from the second floor and the side that faces a lake is completely glazed. From the same level you will have an access to the large deck, where you can admire the blue surface of the lake. Bedrooms are located on the third floor, which has water view balconies where you can also enjoy the lake.

The design of the house meets the latest architectural trends. It effectively combines wood, glass and other modern materials. The style of the building perfectly blends into the landscape – the owners will have a unique opportunity to enjoy the beautiful nature without leaving their home.

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