Entertainment center on the shores of Lake

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Entertainment center is a place where people come to relax. A well-thought-out entertainment center is a guarantee of a quality time. Working on the project our goal was to include everything you need for having a great time.


The center is located on the shore of the lake. We tried to make sure that it blends into the natural landscape. The center includes a small and cozy hotel, several restaurants and SPA salons. Covered passages connecting the buildings allow you to move around the complex regardless of the weather.

For those who prefer to relax outside, the center offers open terraces with a convenient access to the lake and a pier where you can enjoy the water view and the quiet sound of the waves.

Working on the architectural planning and design, we made sure that those visitors who love parties with friends and the type who prefer more relaxing vacation in the nature, can both enjoy their time at the center.

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