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The landscape design goal was to improve the area around the house. Besides the main building, the territory had a large barn, which we had to include into the composition. Our mission was to make the area more green in general.


The yard has a convenient driveway to the house and barn, and a connecting path between them. The route of the path repeats the shape of the yard. It is beautifully emphasized by trees and shrubs planted on the site in a certain order. Flower beds are laid out closer to the house. The rest of the territory is covered with a lawn grass.

The yard was missing some zest detail, which would made it look special. We decided to add a dry river bed, poured out of gravel, that goes from the house along the outer side of the yard. Shimmering on the sun gravel beautifully emphasizes the background and green grass.

The plain area around a small house turned into a green oasis, that attracts attention and radiates freshness.

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