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The custom architectural design was developed by National Design and implemented by United Seattle construction firm for creative studio POPCORN Play Party and Cook. The challenge wasn’t just a reconstruction of an empty office space. It was important to combine a comfortable layout, colors, and ergonomic design with furniture for kids of different ages.


As a result, we have five main areas in well lit rooms: kitchen, dining room, classroom, hall and waiting room. There is a place for everything: lessons, celebration, relaxation, and a spot for parents.

The lesson can be divided into three parts: cooking, tasting, and communication. Those activities were taken under consideration by the architects from the National Design company when working on the interior design. The kitchen is maximally convenient and meets the purposes. An exclusive kitchen island was specially designed for this project and is situated at the center. It has access from all four sides and is just perfect for cooking lessons. We have a niche for a ladder-stand for younger children on one of the four sides. The table top is at the comfortable level, despite the height of young chefs. There is also a work table and a convenient sink for students with special needs.

The large tasting room has two tables for six people each. There is enough room for placing additional tables, including extra ones for serving or displaying.

The color palette of the walls, tabletops and chairs matches the general bright style of the studio. These colors are used on some of the studio walls to create a compositional unity.

The studio is light and functional. It is a real achievement of the POPCORN Play Party and Cook leaders, who reached the goals and set priorities, that is the key to the successful development and realization of the project.

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